A cube with Bluetooth

The Rubik’s cube is for many a horror that leads to towering frustrations. If you think you have almost solved the cube it turns out that the yellow block is still in the blue plane. The only option? Change everything completely and start from the beginning. Yet the Rubik’s cube is one of the most sold games worldwide, so no lack of popularity.

Digital cube

Could it be a little easier to solve the cube? Yes, that’s for sure, thought Kickstarter, who launched the GoCube . The GoCube is a Rubik’s cube, but in a modern way. The cube has Bluetooth connection and is connected to an app. On your phone you see a recreation of the cube, where you can see and keep the moves. The system keeps track of all movements and saves them. This helps you to “dissect” the cube and improve your skills in solving the cube. In the app, you can also see your progress and other statistics, such as how fast you turn the cube. Step-by-step tutorials are also available in the app.

Challenging your friends

What is also new to this modern cube is the ability to challenge your friends. With online battles, leaderboards and live competitions you can show your skills. All players then start with exactly the same position of the cube. The advantage of the GoCube is that it offers fun challenges for both beginners and cube experts.