This cool robot carries your plants to the sun

Plants grow towards the light, but what if the light is really too far away? Then in the future there might be a running planter that regulates that for the plants. Robot designer Sun Tianqi has already made an advance on that idea and has modified one of the robots that are made in his company to fulfill exactly that role.

Vincross normally makes the Hexa an arachnid robot that can use the front two legs to manipulate objects. Tianqi has adjusted the top of such a Hexa so that it becomes a pot where a plant can go. For example, the robot can carry the plant in the direction of the sun if it proves necessary:

The robot does not just walk to the sun, if it is found the top also turns around to ensure that the plant can catch sun rays on all sides:

Can we also get one?

This seems to be an ideal solution for people with plants who need a lot of specific maintenance. If you are not always home yourself to put the plants in exactly the right place, a robot like this would be a huge solution. Not only that, it is also ideal for forgetful types, because Tianqi also has a kind of angry dance built in for the robot when the water runs out:

It is not entirely clear whether this is just a kind of demonstration of what such a robot could do or that all the functionality that Tianqi describes is actually built in. The Hexa is programmable, as we know, but how the robot maker has received the necessary sensors in the robot to ensure that he always stands in the right place, we do not know.

Anyway, if a Hexa were to be sold with this plant attachment, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people would like to have one, if only for the show. Now it’s an expensive joke: an ordinary Hexa costs 950 dollars, so you can count on it. There you can buy a lot of plants for …

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