Thirty percent of Flemish radio use is via DAB+

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The use of DAB+ compared to other technologies has increased to 30 percent in Flanders. Two years ago this was still 19 percent. Almost half of Flemish radio use now uses digital techniques.

DAB+ is used more often instead of FM radio, especially in cars. writes the Flemish Ministry of Media. In the car, DAB+ use has risen to 48 percent, 14 percentage points more than two years ago. For a few years now, all new European cars must support DAB+ if they contain a radio. This has probably contributed to the growth of radio technology in cars.

The figures are based on a survey conducted by Ipsos among two thousand Flemish people. This research, which is published every two years, also shows that the other two digital listening technologies, internet and digital TV, have remained stable. The share of digital TV has fluctuated around 6 percent for years and is now at 5 percent. The Internet is used for 14 percent of the listening volume, the same as before.

The exclusive use of FM radio is steadily decreasing; according to the research, 25 percent of Flemish people still use FM radio exclusively. Two years ago this was 28 percent and in 2020 it was 30 percent. The exclusive use of digital radio has increased in those years and is now 24 percent. If this trend continues, in 2025 the exclusive use of radio via digital techniques will exceed the number of Flemish people who only use FM radio.

Of all radio listening, 49 percent now goes via digital techniques. Two years ago this was still 41 percent. Flemish people aged 65 or older in particular still use FM radio, with a digital listening volume of 32 percent. For 18 to 54 year olds and for 25 to 44 year olds this is 56 and 60 percent respectively. Flemish Media Minister Benjamin Dalle says he is ‘satisfied’ with the increased use of digital radio and says that the switch-off of FM radio is coming ‘ever closer’.

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