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These are the new films and series on Netflix in August 2018

With a new month ahead, a new batch of series and films is ready on Netflix. July was fine again. Since a few days, season 6 of Orange is the New Black available. The same applies to season 3 of El Chapo also the last season. And then the sixth season of Suits and all the movies from the Fast & Furious franchise .

The holiday period is of course in full swing so check also any movies, series and documentaries you can all download on the road or during your vacation

Netflix Original Series

As always, we start with an overview of all new Netflix Original Series. Something that Netflix always has the focus on. These Original series are also often available for you at once, with a few exceptions, of which a new episode will be added every week.

Season 4, Better Call Saul

The fourth season of Better Call Saul appeared a little later on Netflix than initially expected. The earlier seasons of this spin-off of Breaking Bad all came out in the first part of the year. From the season on, a new episode will be released weekly from 7 August. In America, the series will be on show at AMC a day earlier.

The much-discussed Insatiable

The trailer of this new series on Netflix has already caused a lot of noise. People criticize the series because it would introduce damping. There is even a petition set up against the release of the series . For the time being unsuccessful because Insatiable just appears on Netflix on August 10th.

First season of Cocaine Coast

This new series takes place in Galicia, Spain in the 1980s. A young fisherman becomes a cocaine smuggler by offering Latin American suppliers a European access point. After Narcos and El Chapo definitely worth following. The first season will be available on 3 August.

First season of I am A Killer

Prisoners who have been convicted in the United States for murder and manslaughter, and who have received the death penalty for this, have not previously told stories about their crimes in this documentary series. The first season will be available from 3 August.

Shooter season 3

Bob Lee Swagger can not sit still, and goes to investigate the murder of his father in the third season. There might be a link with Atlas. The first six episodes are already available, from August 3rd again a new episode.

And there will be available:

  • Afflicted, available from August 10.
  • All about the Washingtons, available from August 10.
  • La Case de Las Flores, available from August 10.
  • Chesapeake Shores, weekly new episode from August 6

Netflix Original Films

Although films are less popular, these are a few that are definitely worth watching. Below all Netflix Original Films. Later in this blog an overview of all other titles.

  • Like Father, available from August 3.
  • The Girl on the Train, available from August 3.
  • The Package, available from August 10.

Netflix Original Documentaries

  • Zion, available from 10 August 2018.

Netflix Original Comedy

  • Demetri Martin: The Overthinker. Available from 10 August 2018.

Netflix Originals for children

  • Dinotrux Supercharged, season 3, available from August 2.
  • The Ponysitters Club, available from August 10.

New on Netflix

New this one month is further:

  • Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, available from August 3.
  • The originals: season 5. The season finale on August 6.
  • Doctor Who: season 10, available from August 15.

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