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Stranger Things season 3 is coming, our patience is put to the test

Even before the second season of Stranger Things could be seen, it was already known that a third season would follow. Hoera! Before you can pop on the couch to devour this entire season in a day, you will unfortunately have to wait a little longer. Season three of Stranger Things can only be seen next summer.

Season 3 Stranger Things

Earlier this year, Netflix confirmed a delay of the third season, but added that this is “worth the wait”. The creators of the series indicated that they want to come up with something bigger and better than last year. The expectations are high and therefore they want to take the time to put something good.

How the story goes, is still unknown. However, the makers have let go that it is probably going to play outside the town of Hawkins. What will the group of friends now go with again? Exciting!

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