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Leak: That’s how big this year’s new iPhones are

Ben Geskin is not yet at the level of überlekker Evan Blass, but he also knows from time to time with some pictures and rumors to come which turn out to be right. Geskin showed on Twitter two dummies of the new 6.5 and 6.1 inch iPhones that Apple will release later this year.

These dummies are used for accessory makers so that they can measure whether their covers and other things fit the real device exactly when it suits. That makes them one of the most predictable things leaked for a phone is announced, because they are after third parties and they do not have such waterproof security protocols as Apple itself.

About exactly the same

What is especially striking about the design as we can see on the two photos is that Apple in no way seems to have deviated from the design of the iPhone X for these new phones. If you did not know better you would say that it is just photos of an iPhone X. The subtle differences you see only if you really keep an X: the 6.5 inch model is a bit longer and the ‘cheap’ 6 , 1 inch model has only one camera on the back. But that also ends with it.

Both devices seem to have the ‘notch’, although the difference in the screen edges is difficult to see until you see the devices in real life. The renders you see here are made for and give you an idea, but are not definitive either. Apple will therefore have to change on the inside if they want to sell the expensive model. The 6.1-inch version is relatively cheap, so that could make more people switch to Apple, depending on what Apple’s definition of ‘cheap’ is.

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