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Lyd: the thermos that only opens when it touches your lips

We now almost all have a water bottle or thermos which we can refill. Super convenient, but the biggest problem or at least the biggest fear is always that these things start to leak. If the cap stays on it! The makers of Lyd think they have solved the problem by making a bottle that has a sensor at the top. It senses when your lips touch the upper edge and then unlocks the internal stopper that stops the liquid.


That means that you never have to open the bottle to drink from it and that there is no cap that can open. Since it is also a thermos, you can put both water and hot drinks in it, without the risk that what is in it will come out if you are not waiting for it. Sounds fantastic, but for now we just have to believe the makers, because the product is still in the Kickstarter crowdfunding phase.

They explain in their video how it works. So the bottle has a stopper in it, keeping all the fluid under vacuum. It is only released when the sensor detects your lips at the edge of the bottle. According to the makers, a lot of work has been done to make sure that the sensor really only responds to your lips and not to other things and as soon as you have stopped drinking, the stopper goes back on. The useful thing is that there is no spout, or only one side of the bottle where you can drink. The Lyd works just like a glass, so you can suck on any of the 360 ​​degrees that the top has.

Wireless charging

The Lyd is – at least in this phase – still very affordable, because a small 13 oz. (0.35l) bottle costs $ 39 while a 17 oz. (half liter) bottle costs 44 dollars. There you also get a Qi wireless charger for which you also need. That is the only thing that could be awkward to the Lyd: the system does not work when the sensor does not work, so you do have a battery in the bottle and it needs to be charged. From empty to full it takes four hours, but then the bottle goes according to the makers between two weeks and a month, so that is still to do. But then, when it is empty, it will simply turn off the cap to drink.

There are still some questions about the bottle, such as what material it is made of, what happens when you throw the thing with the top on for example dust that could trigger the sensor and how long hot drinking stays warm in a Lyd, but in the base this smart bottle does not look wrong. The plan is that the bottles will be delivered by November, so if you want to take the risk and wait so long, this is the moment to strike.

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