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Which character can you best choose from Mario Kart?

Choices, choices, choices. A Mario Kart character, tires and choose a car takes longer than the game itself. Researcher Henry Hinnefeld makes it easier for you. This hero has researched for the company Civis Analytics which car and which character you can choose the best to win more. Thanks, Henry!

Mario Kart

This is higher mathematics, with an interesting graph as a result. Something with Pareto efficiency and Paretogrens. Yes, but do not we just want to know what to choose at Mario Kart? This is a bit more complicated …

Every character at Mario Kart has a number of characteristics, such as speed, size and acceleration. The Paretogrange determines the ideal combination of acceleration and speed. Acceleration and speed cancel each other when they are high, and you do not want that. What turned out? Wario is the best character, because with this character you find half of all the best possible combinations. The best kart is the Biddy buggy, closely followed by the Sports Bike. Do not take the Badwagon, because you will not get too far with that.


In total there were 149,760 combinations, but only 15 optimal combinations. Besides Wario, there are also a number of other ‘good’ characters. These are especially the heavier characters, because they are more versatile.

Another tip: do not put babies on heavier vehicles. Baby Mario can only achieve a maximum of 50 percent of the maximum speed, while at Wario this is 77 percent.

Okay, so this is a secret for you, which you should not share with your opponents. On the other hand, well, such a stupid banana peel can always throw a spanner in the works, even if you are Wario. And then we’re not even talking about that damn bomb and that ghost that makes your screen full of ink. Conversely, it is also true that with Baby Mario you can easily ride a golden mushroom for turbo speed.

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