The subsea data center of Microsoft now has a webcam

Microsoft’s undersea data center did not fish behind the net, because a webcam was installed next to the center. For example, it can be seen that hundreds of fish again and again want to take a look at the data center.

Microsoft data center in the sea

In June, Microsoft lowered a data center to the seabed, Project Natick they call it themselves. The purpose of this is to provide people with a better and faster network connection. Since more than half of the world’s population lives within 200 kilometers of the coast, this is worth a try. There are 864 servers in the data center and 27,600 Terabytes of storage. A cable, also in the sea, drives the center and connects to the internet.


They did not just hung the webcam to watch fish during working hours. With the camera, Microsoft wants to view the environment next to the data center. On the website of Microsoft’s Project Natick on the website of Microsoft’s Project Natick you can view the live webcam images. Show-me-giving work!


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