The new Aibo cars can not be reached in Japan

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The renewedAibo sells significantly better in Japan than Sony had expected: in the first quarter more than 11,000 were sold and it could have been tenfold, had Sony had enough robotic dogs ready. According to the electronics group there have been ten times as many orders than could be delivered and so Sony is going to adjust production, so the next delivery of the robotic dogs does not have to go through a lottery.

It may seem striking that it goes so fast when you look at the price of the new Aibo: after you have tapped 1500 euros for the dog you then have to pay a monthly subscription of 20 euros so the dog can use his software updates. That is a hefty expense, but you should not underestimate how popular the original Aibo was in Japan and how long people managed to keep the robotic dogs in ‘life‘.

He does so much

According to The Register, the shortage is not only a reason for Sony to make more AIBOs, they have also become a bit busier with bringing the robotic dogs to the West . That would mean that we will soon be able to work with our own Aibo in Europe and the US.

There is an advantage in waiting longer for our robot dog: we will soon be able to enjoy all the new behaviors that are still going to come because the new Japanese owners continue to pay their update subscription. They pay for the work that goes into programming other routines in the Aibo, so the new variant of the robot dog will not be the same complaint from the new owners: he always does the same.

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