Who does not honor the small … check these 5 saves

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It’s spring again, time to give the house a good cleanup and prepare it for the summer. Winter clothing can go to the attic and the BBQ can again be removed from the barn. But spring is also a great time to go through the finances . There are different ways to keep some extra money. How do you try to save some extra money? You could save on your telephone costs, the energy bill might be down, and so on. Below are a few simple ways that you can put an extra penny over. 

Facebook Marketplace

Many women find it difficult to get rid of old clothes. They think it will come in handy, but often it will still be in the closet. That also applies equally well to men. The fastest way? Put it on the Marketplace from Facebook. This way you can offer something locally at a competitive rate. And of course, in addition to clothing, you can also use gadgets, games, and other items that you hardly use.

Energy comparison

Comparing the rates of energy suppliers is one of the possibilities that you have as what you want to keep your money. Often people have been connected to the same energy supplier for years, so you probably pay more than necessary for energy consumption.

There are a number of online comparison tools that make it easier to compare different energy suppliers. This way you can see which energy supplier offers you the favorable energy tariff! Do not conclude an energy contract for a term of more than 12 months. Most of it is likely to save you by switching to a different supplier every year.

Car insurance

Is your car already a few years old? Then you would be wise to take a good look at the insurance. If the car is new, you obviously want to have it all risk. But if the car is older than 6 years, the options of WA or WA + will become a bit more attractive. And also not unimportant, your own risk. If you can (and want to) pay a part yourself, that will save you in premium.

Travel insurance

Travel. Who does not. But what about your travel insurance? Do you always lock them off? Or do you often go on trips or days away? Then a continuous travel insurance is of course much more attractive. Look at it equally well, you can save the necessary euros.

Health insurance

Do you live alone, are you just living together or are children already walking around? Do you sport a lot. Or often suffer from ailments. All things that are important when choosing the right health insurance. Again, there is also a deductible excess and a voluntary deductible. Can you pay some costs yourself if you or someone from the family gets sick? Then you can opt for a higher voluntary deductible, which saves you monthly in the premium.

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