The Correspondent introduces an app for podcasts and audio stories

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De Correspondent has released a De Correspondent app, with which the audio stories and podcasts of the medium can be listened to. Previously, these recordings were only distributed via SoundCloud, but the company no longer wants to depend on that.

The news medium says it has developed the app to guarantee privacy and independence. For example, with SoundCloud, users are followed via trackers, De Correspondent writes. The news site also seems to have considered Spotify for its podcasts, but ultimately decided against this service. According to De Correspondent, Spotify buys up ‘big shows’ to put them behind a paywall. The news medium says it does not want to be dependent on ‘these powerful providers’ and has therefore developed its own listening environment.

The news stories and podcast shows that have been read from the news medium appear on the De Correspondent app. The app also allows users to get in touch with the platform’s journalists and other users. The company wants to make it possible to read the stories of De Correspondent in the future and is considering offering videos.

The app comes as both an Android and an iOS version. From the Home page of the app, users can see the latest story of the day, as well as recently played stories and an overview of the De Correspondent podcasts and series. The Recent page lists the audio stories and podcasts in chronological order.

The De Correspondent app is not a replacement for the other audio services, but an addition to them. For example, the SoundCloud page of De Correspondent was supplemented on Tuesday morning. The news medium says it wants to offer the stories as broadly as possible in this way.

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