Tesla starts deliveries of updated Model X

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Tesla has started supplying the new version of the Model X. Compared to the previous variations, the Model X now has a new interior, with the central touchscreen now horizontal instead of vertical and a steering wheel without a top.

Deliveries started on Sunday claims Tesla. The manufacturer announced the updated version in January, along with a new variant of the Model S. It was available earlier. It is unclear whether the new deliveries will take place worldwide immediately.

The Model X gets a new interior with this version. The steering wheel now has no curves and the top is off. In addition, there are no more levers around the steering wheel for things like the wipers or indicating direction. There are touch-sensitive buttons for indicating the direction, high beam, horn, autopilot, the windshield wipers and giving voice commands.

The touchscreen is now a landscape display instead of a portrait display. The format is unchanged, but the resolution has been increased from 1900×1200 to 2200×1300 pixels. There is also a 12.3″ screen directly behind the steering wheel and an 8″ screen for the occupants in the rear seat. The updated version also has an AMD Ryzen apu with RDNA 2 GPU.

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