Tesla is building first Megafactory outside the US in China

Automaker Tesla has decided to build its first Megafactory outside the US in the Chinese city of Shanghai. That has been announced by the company. The factory should be operational in just over a year and produce 10,000 batteries per year.

Tesla Mega Pack

The Megafactory goes just like the one in the US Mega packs to make. These are large batteries for energy storage. That will be about 10,000 a year, Tesla reports. The American factory is located in Lathrop, California.

It is unknown why Tesla chose Shanghai in particular. Many Western companies are actually scaling back their investments in China. This is partly due to the trade conflict between the US and China, increased labor costs in the country and the government’s critical attitude towards large companies.

Production should start in spring 2024, says the Chinese state medium Xinhua. The production is not only intended for the Chinese market, but the Megapacks must be sold worldwide. Tesla has also had a Gigafactory in Shanghai for several years. It is unknown what support Tesla will receive for the construction of the factory.

Tesla deal for Megafactory Shanghai, China