Telltale Games is going to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The last season of The Walking Dead of Telltale Games might be finished. The developer says he has been approached by ‘various potential partners’ who offer their help. Those who are these partners are not known.

In a Twitter message Telltale Games reports that it is going to see how the episode can release three and four. The developer can not promise that the episodes actually come true, but Telltale makes it clear that it is looking for a solution. In the meantime episode two has been released. Whether Telltale Games still gets outside help with The Wolf Among Us 2 is not yet known. Netflix told Polygon that it is looking for a solution for the Stranger Things game.

On September 22 the developer announced to close . Approximately ninety percent of the staff has been laid off. Twenty-five people are left to perform the last actions before the studio closes completely.