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Edit files quickly with Quick View in macOS Mojave

Until yesterday, you could only view files with Quick View. But you also edit them with brand new macOS Mojave. For example, you can rotate a photo faster than ever, or shorten a video.

Quick edit with Quick View

The space bar lets you open the Quick View. This has been in macOS for more than ten years and did not undergo major changes at that time. Until now. In macOS Mojave you can now also quickly edit with Quick View. Below you will learn how to use these fast operations.

1. Find a file

Find a file you want to edit. Quick display supports, for example, photos, videos and PDFs. Select the file and press space for Quick View. A Force Touch on the trackpad also works.

2. Rotate video

With the quick reproduction of a video, you will find two new buttons at the top right. You can rotate a video with the button with the rectangle and the arrow. Handy if your iPhone accidentally thought you recorded a standing movie.

3. Shorten

With the second button you short a movie. That works just like in QuickTime. You drag the yellow handles so that only the part that needs to be added to the final video

4. Pictures

Images and photos can be run instantly, with the same button as for videos. The second button here is now a pencil in a circle. Click on it to add annotations.

5. Annotations

The options for annotating are similar to those in Preview. Draw on it or add text and geometric shapes. You can also crop an image immediately from Quick View.

6. Screenshots

By the way: if you take a screenshot (Cmd + Shift + 3 or 4), it will first appear at the bottom right of the screen. If you click on it, you will get the same annotation options as in Quick View of Images.

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