TCL considers gluing BlackBerry KEYone display

The Chinese manufacturer TCL is investigating whether the display of future copies of the BlackBerry KEYone smartphone should be glued. That does not happen now, as a result of which the display can come loose from the housing under great pressure.

According to a statement by TCL to BlackBerry fan site Crackberry, there have been a “handful” of users to date with the problem of a peeling display on some of the thousands of phones delivered. The KEYone was released last month and will soon be available in the Benelux.

TCL is investigating whether it should take ‘additional adhesive measures’ to secure the display to the rest of the housing. That should “further strengthen” the build of the device and “eliminate any possibility of the display coming off.” It is unknown if and when TCL will glue the screen to the rest of the housing.

Last week it was revealed that the non-glued display is causing problems for various users. TCL says users affected should contact support to exchange their device.

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