Yak Tack: Mobile App – Broaden your vocabulary Simply

Yak Tack is an application for Andriod and iOS that helps people remember words. People are using Yak Tack to remember words. Yak Tack uses a simple, scientifically proven technique called spaced repetition to get people past the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve when learning new words. Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven technique used to boost … Read more

Software update: Drupal 8.8.0

Version 8.8 of Drupal has been released. Drupal is a PHP written, user-friendly and powerful content management platform, which can be used to create websites, for example. It’s simple enough for a novice user, but powerful enough to build a more complex website as well. The program includes a content management platform and a development … Read more

Google-ai turns a photo and a single word into a personal poetic message

Google has made the Poemportrait experiment available. For users who submit a word and take a selfie, the artificial intelligence generates a poem. The photo is then overlaid with the computer-generated poem. The Poemportraits Google algorithm creates a unique, non-rhyming poem from a chosen word and then superimposes it on the photo, completely in style. … Read more

Best Free Websites To Test English Vocabulary Online

In this article we have covered some best websites for Test Your English Vocabulary. These websites follow different approaches to test your vocabulary. Some follow the traditional method of testing with MCQs and some adopts different creative ways Here Are Best Free Websites To Test English Vocabulary Online: OxfordOnlineEnglish.com OxfordOnlineEnglish.com offers an online Vocabulary Level … Read more

Research seems to show that frequent gamers are better at English

Researchers from Karlstad University in Sweden have shown a relationship between game play and English writing skills in children in ‘grade 9’, which means 15 or 16 years of age in Sweden. The study was done as part of a national exam in Sweden. It looked at how good frequent gamers were at essay writing … Read more

Australian education agency wants to have tests checked by computer

Australia may have written answers in a national education test checked by a computer. The ACARA education agency, which is in charge of implementation, wants to start working on it in 2017. Tests showed that the computer checked as well as humans. The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy has been administered in Australia since … Read more