Best Free Websites To Test English Vocabulary Online

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In this article we have covered some best websites for Test Your English Vocabulary. These websites follow different approaches to test your vocabulary. Some follow the traditional method of testing with MCQs and some adopts different creative ways Here Are Best Free Websites To Test English Vocabulary Online: offers an online Vocabulary Level Test. This test consists of 40 MCQS. You have to choose the most suitable answer for that statement from the given choices. You can also jump to any question in the test from the question List. It gives you a vocabulary score out of 40 and relates it to CEF grammar levels. You can also see your answer sheet of all the correct answers highlighted along with your responses.

Test your vocabulary with OxfordOnlineEnglish here.

different method  to test your vocabulary level. It asks you synonyms of the words. You can change the difficulty level of test as per your convenience. Test is consist on 10 questions  and you get 10 seconds to answer each question. You get points for every correct answer and you can also earn speed bonus by answering questions in minimum time. In this test, one can get as much as 4200 points, but that’s a rare case. This website show you score out of 4200. You can also compare your score to others within your age group.

Test English vocabulary with Merriam-Webmaster here.

This website offers an online platform to test and improve English vocabulary.  This simple tool has 140 MCQs statements; each statement has a highlighted word and you have to select a meaning that matches most closely to that word. After attempting all the questions, you willget your results.

Know your English vocabulary size with this online English vocabulary test here. helps you to learn, improve and test English vocabulary. This test contains 15 MCQs where you have to select the most suitable answer for a given quesiton, the difficulty level of the questions depends on your earlier responses. The ideal time limit to finish this test is 10 minutes here.

After finishing, your answers are evaluated at CEF (Common European Framework) level. Based on your results, it tells your relative CEF level.

Know your vocabulary level with this test here.

This website has a fun way to test your English vocabulary. This test is a game where it shows you letter sequence on the screen and you have to press ‘J’ key if you know a word or ‘F’ if you don’t. It shows you 100 words and for each word, you get 3 seconds to respond. Please remember, this website also shows you randomly generated letters which don’t have any meaning. If you reply ‘YES‘ to those, your score will be heavily penalized. Its just like negative marking.

Click here to visit the fun website to test your vocabulary.

This website offers online practice and test exercises based on various popular English workbooks. It also has series of exercise on all academic levels from freshman to senior. Each level has a topic-wise categorized test series, which gives you the freedom to practice any particular aspect of English language. This website has a vocabulary test game for each level called VocaBuzz. You can play this game with friends or with VocaBuzz bot. This game shows you a statement or a word and asks you to select the closest match to it from the given options. You get points for every correct answer and lose a fraction for wrong answers. Each question has a time limit; the faster you answer, the more points you get. After 15 questions, if you have more points than your competitor(s), you win.

Play VocaBuzz game to test English vocabulary here.

This is  good website to learn, practice and improve the English vocabulary. It offers 25 different categories of vocabulary tests which include, Picture Description, Basic Vocabulary, Antonyms, Synonyms, Phonetics, Pronunciation, Irregular Verbs, Pictures Vocabulary, Word Family – Filling Gap, and more. Each of these test categories has a series of tests which you can take to check your English vocabulary. Each test has 10 questions and a time limit of 10 minutes. In the end, it assesses your responses and gives you a score. You can also download these tests as SWF file to your computer and take them offline.

Test English Vocabulary with EnglishTestStore here.

simple tool to test your vocabulary. It gives you a list of words and you have to mark the words you know. The test is divided into 3 steps, 1st measures your broad vocal, 2nd measures your narrow vocal level and 3rd asks questions about your language history. Based on your responses, it tells your estimated English vocabulary size.

Test English vocabulary with TestYourVocab here.


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