What to do before sell ​​iPhone? 5 steps before sell your iPhone

Do not put an iPhone in a drawer if you have a new one, but sell your device! The old piece of engineering is more valuable than you might think. In this article, you can read how to prepare an iPhone for sale – for example, by resetting it to the factory settings. We also … Read more

T-Mobile starts laying a fiber optic network in three Eindhoven city districts

T-Mobile will install gigabit fiber in three city districts in Eindhoven. At least 29,000 households can be connected in various districts and the center. When the network is in place, almost the entire city will be connected to fiber. In total, the provider will install 1,680 kilometers of fiber in the center and the districts … Read more

Ben converts all subscriptions without 4G to ‘4G Basic’

Next week Ben will start activating 4G Basic for customers who still have a 3G bundle. Customers maintain a maximum download speed of 14.4Mbit / s and upload of 2Mbit / s, but would get a stable connection and better coverage. Ben will transfer customers who still have a 3G bundle to the new 4G Basic offer . Customers … Read more

Apple gives iPhone 12 models smaller batteries than predecessors

The battery capacity of the iPhone 12 models has been revealed through inspections by the Chinese agency TENAA. This shows that the iPhone 12 models have a smaller battery than their predecessors. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has the largest battery with a capacity of 3687mAh, according to the inspection. versus 3915mAh from last year’s … Read more

T-Mobile starts spreading a new interactive TV service

T-Mobile has started rolling out its new interactive TV service. With T-Mobile TV, customers can watch programs from more than 40 channels and watch free movies on demand. Existing Interactive TV customers will be transferred. T-Mobile already announced last month that a new TV service would be coming instead of Interactive TV, the provider’s current … Read more

WhatsApp will no longer work on these phones next year

A number of smartphones, support for Whatsapp will stop in 2020. This mainly concerns older devices. All smartphones that run on Android 2.3.7 or older and iOS 8 or older will no longer work. In addition, WhatsApp will no longer offer support to the Windows Phone from 31 December. Microsoft itself announced earlier that it … Read more

Apple Watch Series 5 review: the newest Watch is on!

The Apple Watch is the most selling watch in the world. Now, with the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple has made its smart clock even better. How big is the leap ahead? And is this the watch you need? You can read it in this Apple Watch Series 5 review. Apple Watch Series 5 review … Read more

Fusion Sprint and T-Mobile may continue after promise not to use Huawei anymore

The two US telecom providers Sprint and T-Mobile would have promised not to use Huawei equipment after they have merged. That promise should help to approve the proposed merger. Press Agency Reuters reports on the basis of sources involved in the negotiations with the US government, that such a promise helps in getting approval for … Read more

9 reasons to go for the popular iPhone XR (adv)

  The hugely popular iPhone XR is available from today at T-Mobile! Analysts predict that this entry-level model will be the most popular iPhone this year – and we believe that right away. We give 9 good reasons to choose the iPhone XR: Buy iPhone XR from T-Mobile Starting today, the iPhone XR is available … Read more

The long way to Android 1.0 – First Android phone is ten years old

They came in on roller skates. The contrast with competitors such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Apple could not have been greater. Where many competitors gave slick and well-prepared presentations, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin pushed on roller skates across the stage during the presentation in New York of the T-Mobile G1 … Read more