T-Mobile starts spreading a new interactive TV service

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T-Mobile has started rolling out its new interactive TV service. With T-Mobile TV, customers can watch programs from more than 40 channels and watch free movies on demand. Existing Interactive TV customers will be transferred.

T-Mobile already announced last month that a new TV service would be coming instead of Interactive TV, the provider’s current TV offering. On the forum T-Mobile now writes that it has started the service. Customers who take out a new TV subscription with the provider will automatically receive T-Mobile TV. Existing customers are transferred in stages. First, it is the turn of customers with an Aria Box with a DSL connection. “Existing customers on fiber optics and other types of TV Boxes will follow,” the company writes.

Customers can continue to use their TV Box. If they want to record programs, they can do so in the cloud. That costs five euros extra per month. Customers can also watch programs from 7 days free of charge more than forty channels.

T-Mobile also says on the forum that users can watch “hundreds of free movies and series on-demand.” By this, however, the provider means ‘a surprising range of free series from channels such as Discovery and TLC’. Via the TV service, users also receive a ‘personal viewing profile’, in which they receive recommendations. The TV service can only be taken out in combination with an Internet subscription for your home.

Update: added a statement about the offer of free movies and series on-demand.

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