Ben converts all subscriptions without 4G to ‘4G Basic’

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Next week Ben will start activating 4G Basic for customers who still have a 3G bundle. Customers maintain a maximum download speed of 14.4Mbit / s and upload of 2Mbit / s, but would get a stable connection and better coverage.

Ben will transfer customers who still have a 3G bundle to the new 4G Basic offer . Customers do not have to pay anything extra for this. Customers who still have an unlimited Always’08 internet bundle will also switch from 3G to 4G, provided they have a 4G smartphone.

Those who want faster mobile internet can switch to 4G or 4G Extra Fast, but cannot go back to 4G Basic after that, says Ben. Existing 4G and 4G Extra Fast users will also not be able to purchase 4G Basic. Anyone who goes from Always’08 to 4G or 4G Extra Fast will also lose the opportunity to use the internet without limitation.

The maximum download speed of 4G Basic is 14.4Mbit / s and the upload speed is 2Mbit / s. That is also the speed that Ben promises for 3G. In practice, customers can expect 10Mbit / s down and 1.6Mbit / s up with 3G. It is not known whether that speed is higher in practice with 4G Basic, but Ben does promise more stable connections and better coverage by switching to 4G.

Ben stressed not to stop with 3G. Parent company T-Mobile will stop with 2G on June 21, 2021 .

3G / 4G Basic
Download upload
Max. speed 14.4 Mbit / s 2 Mbit / s
Estimated speed at 3G *
(4G Base unknown)
10 Mbit / s 1.6 Mbit / s
4G 4G Extra Fast
Download upload Download upload
Max. speed 100 Mbit / s 10 Mbit / s 225 Mbit / s 65 Mbit / s
Estimated speed * 45 Mbit / s 6 Mbit / s 80 Mbit / s 25 Mbit / s
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