T-Mobile starts laying a fiber optic network in three Eindhoven city districts

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T-Mobile will install gigabit fiber in three city districts in Eindhoven. At least 29,000 households can be connected in various districts and the center. When the network is in place, almost the entire city will be connected to fiber.

In total, the provider will install 1,680 kilometers of fiber in the center and the districts of Strijp and Gestel. There is currently no fiber optic connection in those areas. If the network is in place, approximately 99.7 percent of households in Eindhoven can use glass. Speeds of up to 1Gbit / s are possible on the network, such as for download and upload.

T-Mobile will also open the network to other providers in the future. According to the provider, Freedom Internet has already said it wants to use it. Freedom already expressed its interest in this in September of this year. The network should be ready by the end of 2021, but the first households can be connected as early as this year, according to T-Mobile.

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