WhatsApp will no longer work on these phones next year

A number of smartphones, support for Whatsapp will stop in 2020. This mainly concerns older devices.

All smartphones that run on Android 2.3.7 or older and iOS 8 or older will no longer work. In addition, WhatsApp will no longer offer support to the Windows Phone from 31 December. Microsoft itself announced earlier that it will no longer support Windows 10 Mobile OS.

No support

According to WhatsApp, the app will not be removed from your phone, but because there is no support anymore, users will find that the app suddenly stops working. If you want to continue using WhatsApp, it is not a bad idea to buy a new smartphone.

Quickly see if your smartphone is included!

  • iPhone 4
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Nokia S40
  • Blackberry OS
  • BlackBerry 10
  • Sony Xperia Advance
  • Sony Xperia U ST25a
  • Sony Xperia U ST25i
  • Sony Xperia Go ST27a
  • Sony Xperia Go ST27i
  • Sony Xperia ion 3G LT28h
  • Sony Xperia ion LTE LT28at
  • Sony Xperia ion LTE LT28i
  • Sony Xperia Sola MT27i
  • Sony Xperia P LT22i
  • Sony Xperia acro HD 20I12
  • Sony Xperia acro HD SO-03D
  • Sony Xperia S LT26
  • Acer Liquid Z Z110
  • Acer Liquid Z Z110
  • Lenovo k800
  • T-mobile concord
  • Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G SCH-R940
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE GT-i9210T
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE GT-i9210
  • Yezz Andy 3G 4.0 YZ1120
  • Motorola Defy Pro XT560
  • Motorola Atrix TV XT682
  • Motorola MotoLuxe XT615
  • Motorola Fire XT317
  • Motorola XT532
  • Huawei Activa 4G M920
  • Orange San Diego
  • Vodafone Smart II V860
  • LG Optimus 3D Max P720
  • LG Optimus 3D Max p720H
  • LG Optimus 3D Max P725
  • LG Optimus Elite LS696
  • LG Spectrum VS920
  • LG Prada 3.0 P940
  • Xolo X900
  • HTC Velocity 4G