Beta to turn Samsung phones into sound or light sensor comes out

Samsung has released the first beta of an application to turn Galaxy smartphones into sound or light sensors. The beta only works in a few countries and it also only supports newer phones for now. The application is called Galaxy Upcycling at Home and the beta will be released in the United States, the United … Read more

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy phones are getting voice unlock

Samsung would like to add voice unlocking as an option for biometric authentication on its smartphones. The feature is said to be on the Galaxy S21 and will appear on other phones as an update later on. The feature will first only be available for the Galaxy S21 in OneUI 3.1, SamMobile reports. The feature … Read more

IRobot allows Roomba i7 and S9 models to identify furniture and zones

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer iRobot provides various Roombas and the Braava mopping robot with the ability to recognize more detailed areas in the home. The more expensive models can then not only recognize a room, but also specific objects in the house. The manufacturer is implementing the changes in a new version of the iRobot app. … Read more

Samsung gives Xcover Pro smartphone updates for four years

Samsung gives its Xcover Pro smartphone updates and upgrades for four years. That has been announced by the manufacturer. For other phones, the manufacturer guarantees updates for two or three years. The Xcover Pro is only available for the business market. Samsung will sell the Xcover Pro for two years, the company says. The manufacturer … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S11, the smartphone that will never come again

It actually didn’t take time to come up with the above title. Two years ago I was hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the last ‘normal’ smartphone. No more Galaxy Samsung, come up with something new. We are done with those black rectangles that get a little better every year, but look almost … Read more

Rumor: Samsung will release Galaxy Note 10 Lite in January for 609 euros

Samsung will release the Note 10 Lite in January next year for a suggested retail price of 609 euros, reports Winfuture, which claims to have all the specifications of the device. The Note 10 Lite would appear at the same time as the S10 Lite. According to the German tech site Winfuture, the Galaxy Note … Read more

Samsung starts distributing Android 10 upgrade for Galaxy S10

Samsung has started to distribute the stable Android 10 upgrade for the Galaxy S10. Many betas were released in the past weeks, but now the stable version is ready. The upgrade will be available first in Germany. Participants in the beta in Germany will receive the upgrade on Thursday, reports SamMobile. Since the beta also … Read more

Researchers give commands to smart speakers by pointing laser at microphone

Researchers have succeeded in sending commands to, for example, a smart speaker by pointing laser light at the microphone, after which the voice assistant can interpret it as sound and therefore an instruction. This is possible due to a property of laser light and mems microphones. Security researcher Takeshi Sugarawa of The University of Electro-Communications … Read more

Google warns that attackers are exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities in Android

Google’s Project Zero research team has indications that exploits for an as-yet unfixed vulnerability in Android are being actively exploited. The exploits work on at least eighteen different Android devices, which can be fully taken over. This is a privilege escalation vulnerability labeled CVE-2019-2215 that allows full takeover of certain Android devices. Google considers the … Read more