Meta is client hyperscale data center Zeewolde

Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, wants to build a large data center in Zeewolde. Those plans have been discussed for a long time, but until now it had not been officially confirmed which party is behind the plans. The zoning plan for the data center has been approved by the Municipal Executive … Read more

Microsoft makes hot-reload function more widely available in .Net 6 after criticism

Microsoft has reversed its decision to limit the hot-reload feature to the paid Windows version of its .Net development tools. The open source community, who would like to see the feature in the open source, multiplatform variant Visual Studio Code, criticized it a lot. Hot reload is a feature where programmers can immediately see changes … Read more

Raspberry Pi 4 2GB gets price increase and 1GB model returns

Raspberry Pi raises the suggested retail price of the fourth-generation, 2GB Model B model by $10 to $45. Eben Upton of the organization promises the increase is temporary. The Raspberry Pi, which was deleted last year, also returns with 1GB. According to Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi, the maker of the computing board is not … Read more

Researchers CWI develop energy-efficient AI that detects heart defects

Researchers from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica have developed a computer algorithm that can theoretically recognize heart defects, speech and hand gestures using pulsed neural networks up to a thousand times more efficiently than traditional AI techniques. CWI researcher Bojian Yin and professor Sander Bohté made their discovery together with Federico Corradi of the Interuniversity … Read more

Developers get Asahi Linux ‘usable’ on M1 Mac without GPU acceleration

The developers of Asahi Linux call the software “usable” for basic use on a Mac system with M1-soc, even though GPU acceleration doesn’t work yet. The developers prepared the necessary drivers in September, among other things. The developers who have focused on getting Linux working on Mac computers with the M1 soc report that their … Read more

Stolen data ROC Mondriaan have been put online by hackers

The hackers behind the ROC Mondriaan ransomware attack have published stolen data online. The school refused to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers. At the moment it is still being investigated which data has been made public. ROC Mondriaan informed its website and students and employees on Tuesday that their data has been put … Read more

Canon releases EOS R3 that shoots at 30fps in November for 6100 euros

Canon has revealed all the details about its EOS R3 mirrorless camera. The new top model gets a completely new 24.1-megapixel sensor. That is a stacked cmos sensor of the full frame format. The camera will be released in November for 6100 euros. The Canon EOS R3 is the highest positioned model in Canon’s lineup … Read more

‘Environmental effects of new mega data center Zeewolde still not fully understood’

The EIA Committee states that the environmental consequences of the arrival of a large data center at Zeewolde are not yet well understood. For example, it is unknown what the nitrogen emissions from construction traffic will be. The committee advises the municipality and province to wait with the building permit. The Environmental Impact Assessment Committee … Read more

Software update: Caliber 5.24

Version 5.24 of Caliber has been released. This open source ebook manager is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Among other things, it can look up all relevant information and cover images, and convert ebooks to make them suitable for the various types of e-readers. Furthermore, the program can convert newspapers, magazines and news articles … Read more

Software update: digiKam 7.3.0

Version 7.3 of digiKam was released recently. This photo management and image editing application has downloads for Linux, BSD, macOS and Windows. It includes support for various file formats and can also be provided with more options via plug-ins, such as exporting an album to Facebook or Flickr. More about the possibilities of this program … Read more