Stolen data ROC Mondriaan have been put online by hackers

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The hackers behind the ROC Mondriaan ransomware attack have published stolen data online. The school refused to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers. At the moment it is still being investigated which data has been made public.

ROC Mondriaan informed its website and students and employees on Tuesday that their data has been put online by the hackers. The school is working with an IT company to investigate the extent and nature of the leaked data.

Last month it became clear that ROC Mondriaan has been hit by ransomware. Students were temporarily unable to access their files. The school has filed a report and, in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, decided not to respond to the hackers’ claim. The ransom was not paid and the hackers then placed the files online. would have seen the data that was placed on the dark web. The files contain personal information, including: ‘class lists, mails to parents and personal data’.

The school was able to restart education at the beginning of September. The school does indicate that some applications can only be used to a limited extent and not all systems have been restored yet.

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