Synology Shows Nas Models With New Annapurna Socs At Cebit

Synology has shown three new nas models at the Cebit that have socs from the Annapurna company. The DS215+ and DS715+ are both dual-drive NAS systems. In addition, Synology comes with the DS1515 that can store five disks and offers four Ethernet ports.

The DS215+ has a dual-core 1.4GHz processor from Annapurna, an Israeli chip maker that was acquired by Amazon in January. The DS215+ has 1GB of RAM and two gigabit Ethernet ports, Synology reports. In addition, Synology showed the DS715+, a NAS that features a quadcore version of the same Annapurna soc. There is also 2GB of RAM. The system can increase the storage capacity of normally two drives with an expansion unit that provides five drive bays.

Synology also showed the DS1515 on the show floor. Five disks can be placed in this NAS. This model also has a quad-core Annapurna-soc clocked at 1.4GHz. There are four gigabit Ethernet ports that, according to the manufacturer, collectively enable throughputs of 404MB/s for reads and 422MB/s for writes. There are two USB 3.0 connections, while this system is also suitable for connecting expansion units: the two esata ports can serve up to fifteen additional drive bays.

The three NAS systems will come on the market in the course of this year for as yet unknown prices. Synology also presented its first router during Cebit.