Tag Heuer teams up with Intel and Google on luxury smartwatch

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Watch manufacturer Tag Heuer will develop a smartwatch in collaboration with Google and Intel. Tag Heuer will make the case, while Intel will provide the soc for the smart watch. Google, in turn, will make Android Wear suitable for the Swiss watch.

Tag Heuer only wants to say that it will be a luxury product, but the company has not yet shown any designs of the smartwatch. The watch should hit the market at the end of this year. Then the functions and price of the watch will also be announced.

According to rumors, it is a ‘digital replica’ of the Carrera, a sports watch, Ars Technica writes. The design would remain largely unchanged, but smartwatch functions would be built in internally. The normal version of the Carrera costs about 3300 euros. Intel may supply its Curie module, a 32bit 32nm Quark soc.

With the agreement that the Swiss watch manufacturer has concluded with Intel and Google, the three companies are now focusing on the market for more exclusive smartwatches. With this they compete with the Apple Watch and specifically the Apple Watch Edition. Watches in this series have a casing of 18-karat gold and prices start at 11,000 euros.

Tag Heuer is not the only Swiss watch manufacturer working on smartwatches. Swatch is also working on a smart watch. This is a finess smartwatch based on the Swatch Touch series.

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