Start-up with brand name Palm presents mini smartphone

An American start-up, together with the Chinese manufacturer TCL, presented a mini-smartphone. The device has a 3.3 “screen and runs on Android 8.1 Only customers of the American provider Verizon Wireless can purchase it, as a secondary smartphone.

The device, according to the specspagina 96x51mm, is aimed at replacing a larger smartphone at certain times, for example during the weekend, as with the Apple Watch with 4g, Verizon has to pay extra for the possibility to use the number on a second device.

smartphone runs on Android 8.1 and all Google apps are on it, allowing users like a regular smartphone to install apps from the Play Store.The launcher provides access to all apps, but users can also search the software by swiping up, after which they on a part of the screen you can draw letters.

The phone has a 3.3 “LCD with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. The Palm smartphone runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435-soc, where the manufacturer has placed 3GB memory and 32GB storage. The battery has a capacity of 800mAh and thus the phone has to last all day.

The software also has Life Mode, which disables all notifications and wireless connections. These connections will go back on as soon as the screen is switched on. There is one button with which the device can be switched on or Google Assistant can be started. There is also a usb-c connection. The Palm phone also has two cameras, a twelve-frame pixel model at the back and an eight-inch pixel camera at the front.

Unlocking is done via face recognition and navigation takes place with a single virtual button at the bottom of the screen. Tapping once is ‘back’ and tapping twice opens the Home screen. Furthermore, the device has already been provided with a collection of Verizon apps in advance.

TCL bought the brand name Palm a few years ago. The Chinese manufacturer, who makes appliances under the brand names Alcatel and Blackberry, has lent the name Palm to an American start-up that brings this smartphone to the market. TCL also manufactures the hardware and has developed it under the code name Pepito. The phone comes out in November for $ 349.

Housing 96,6×50,6×7,4mm, 62,5g
Gorilla Glass on front and back, ip68
Screen 3,3 “-cd, 16: 9, 1280x720px, 30cm 2 445 pixels per inch
Bezels and relative screen size 23,5×9,5mm, 61,4%
Processor Snapdragon 435
Storage , memory 3GB / 32GB
Battery 800mAh
Release, price November, $ 349