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Palm is back with a bizarre ‘phone for your phone’

Palm is back, but not in the way you would expect. The name was bought last year by a startup from San Francisco and they are going to sell a mini phone under that brand from November. The device costs $ 350 and serves as a telephone for your phone. Yes, that sounds crazy, but there is some logic behind it. The idea is that sometimes you want to be accessible, but not your big phone (because they are all now) want to bring.

This means that the new Palm is about a third smaller than most of today’s smartphones. It is meant to minimize the attention to the device, but without sacrificing functionality. The device just runs Android, you can put all your apps on it, but you do not want to do that. Are we still with?

Better than a smartwatch with your phone?

In itself it works, say the people who tested the device . Think of it as an alternative to a smartwatch. There is even a band to buy so you can attach the thing to your arm while exercising! The Palm cannot be used separately, because you have to have another (large) phone to make the thing work. The phone numbers are also shared with your ‘real’ phone via provider Verizon, the only one that the Palm will offer at this moment.

It is actually too bizarre for words that this thing exists, but there is apparently a movement going on where people still want to be less distracted by their telephone, even though that is impossible. This Palm is a different approach than most telephone alternatives that are offered via crowdfunding or other channels. These are mostly [stupid] phones that lack all kinds of functionalities. In principle, the Palm can do everything, but it is not advisable to do so because the size will work against you. With the device you are therefore able to do everything, the need would be high, but do not go for those fun things.

It is also a method, shall we say. Whether the Palm is really going to be a success remains to be seen, but in any case the option will be there for Americans. The chance that the Palm also comes to Europe is very small, but there will be a Chinese version that we can pick up for a shot – if it is not already there.

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