Stardew Valley Developer Announces New Game Haunted Chocolatier

Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe is working on Haunted Chocolatier. This new game is similar to the developer’s previous game, although Haunted Chocolatier is all about collecting ingredients to make chocolate and selling it in a store.

Like Stardew Valley, Haunted Chocolatier has a top-down perspective and pixel art style. In the new game, users live in a castle with ghosts, in which they have a chocolate shop. The game mainly revolves around collecting ingredients to make chocolate.

The gameplay of Haunted Chocolatier is therefore different from that of Stardew Valley; Haunted Chocolatier is more of an action RPG game than its previous game, according to ConcernedApe. A trailer shows how the player can attack slimy creatures and crows with a bow and arrow or a branch. The player can also collect nectar, berries and milk in the forest.

For now, Haunted Chocolatier is only a single player game. The developer has been working on the game since last year. It’s not ConcernedApe’s only project, “but it’s the one I think will finish the fastest.” Haunted Chocolatier is coming to PC anyway, but the developer wants to bring it to other “major” platforms as well. The game is getting a new engine. A release date has not yet been announced, ConcernedApe says that the game is still in early development and that he has made everything himself for the time being.