Spotify HiFi did not appear in 2021, but will come to Premium ‘in the future’

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Spotify is still working on a HiFi option and it will be available to Premium subscribers ‘in the future’. It is not yet clear when the service will add lossless audio. Spotify said last year that a HiFi subscription would appear in 2021.

“We are excited to offer Premium users a Spotify HiFi experience in the future, but we are unable to share details on the timing of that just yet.” That writes a Spotify spokesperson on the community forum after many questions from users about the lack of the HiFi subscription.

In February last year, Spotify announced that it would launch a HiFi subscription for streaming lossless music in 2021. The streaming service has been testing with this for some time; the first messages from users who received invitations to such tests date from 2017. In those tests, users were offered an offer to listen to music in higher quality at an additional cost.

It is not clear whether Spotify still plans to charge an additional fee for HiFi audio. Last year, Apple Music got support for lossless audio at no additional cost. Amazon Music soon removed the additional cost for access to lossless audio. Tidal lowered the price of its HiFi subscription in November. Those three services now all offer lossless audio for about ten euros per month.

Promotional video for Spotify HiFi from 2021

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