‘Spotify gets paid subscription system podcasts and gives creators all revenue’

Spotify is reportedly going to introduce its podcast subscription feature next week and will pass all the revenue from those subscriptions to the creators. That’s according to sources from The Wall Street Journal.

The sources are “familiar with the matter.” Several of those sources state that the subscription system will be unveiled next week, but only one of those sources is revealing the financial aspect. Not only would podcast makers be allowed to keep the revenue, but there would also be no costs to use the subscription system. They should also be allowed to set their own prices.

The reveal follows shortly after similar news from the Apple camp. It came at the beginning of last week with the announcement that its subscription system will be introduced next month. There, however, podcast makers have to pay $19.99 a year to enable a subscription, and Apple keeps 30 percent of the revenue for itself in the first year and 15 percent in the following years, according to the paper.

What Spotify podcast subscribers can get as extras, The Wall Street Journal does not report. At Apple, subscribers can listen to podcasts early or without ads.