SpaceX prepares mission that puts Starship into orbit

SpaceX has filed with the US Federal Communications Commission to conduct a test flight that puts a prototype Starship rocket into orbit. This appears to be documents from the FCC. It is not clear when the mission should take place.

The documents indicate that the launch will take place at SpaceX’s launch rig in Boca Chica, Texas. After just under three minutes, the main engine cutoff take place where the booster missile will be disconnected and checked in the Gulf of Mexico will land via a ‘touchdown’ about thirty kilometers from the US coast. It is not clear whether the booster will land on a landing pad there.

The prototype Starship rocket will continue its flight towards Earth orbit over the Florida Strait. After the rocket enters orbit, the documents say it will launch the soft landing procedure to end up in the Pacific Ocean “about 100 kilometers” from the Hawaiian island, Kauai. The entire test flight would take approximately 90 minutes. It is not stated when the flight will take place.

SpaceX says it wants to collect as much data as possible with this test flight because, according to the company, it is ‘very difficult’ to predict or simulate such flights using computer models. The data gathered could lead to changes in vehicle design and future flight plans, according to SpaceX.