Sony wants to release PlayStation 5 at the earliest in 2021

The PS5 has to be a clear and big step forward with regard to the PS4 Pro, in terms of performance, to be really worthwhile for the consumer. Furthermore, the graphics of the PS5 games must also be a big step forward with regard to the graphics on the PS4 Pro. The time is not yet ripe for this.A PS5 based on, for example, a Ryzen + Vega architecture, now that would still be too expensive. It might just be possible at the end of 2019, but even then it is still expensive. Then 2020-2021 would be more obvious. It is now, thanks to the new coverage, 2021-2023. Just wait and see what finally comes down to architecture. Sony keeps the door open for a kind of Nintendo Switch but then from Sony, but of course can always choose to keep it at a more traditional home console.
Then I have not mentioned that the Xbox One X has only recently been on sale, about half a year ago. So Microsoft is not thinking about releasing a new console. Furthermore, Microsoft has said that the generations are probably dead for Microsoft. The chance that an Xbox Two will come out, and then the Xbox One (X) that games can no longer play, is therefore very small in the medium term. Then the question is whether it is useful for Sony to release a PS5 in the coming years. The answer is that that is not convenient, and this news report confirms that it is not on the schedule.
Then we have not talked about the games yet. The budgets to make a AAA game are already very high. The question is whether the time is already right to put those budgets up again, to offer much better PS5 graphics to consumers. In my opinion, it is still too early for this. In this respect too, it is good that we do not have to expect the PS5 until 2021-2023. The games industry is there rather than perhaps not ready to make another big step in terms of graphics and team sizes + budgets. What is further worth mentioning in terms of games is that nowadays it can take a long time to finish a game. Plus the fact that there are sometimes multiple and long delays. If you still want to launch several projects on the current generation, then they have to be long generations. And fortunately, it is also long generations. And for the people who are afraid to find out too much about hardware: that’s why the mid-gen upgrade consoles came. And an alternative in the form of PC gaming in which you choose your own hardware has always been there, but that is not the point.