Sony shows lighter PS5 Digital Edition with renewed foot in manual

Sony has made a new model of the PS5 Digital Edition that is 300 grams lighter and has a redesigned base. This would appear from two user manuals that Sony has published on its Japanese website for the refurbished model.

The new PS5 Digital Edition model, with model number CFI-1100B01 in Japan, weighs 3.6kg. That’s 300g lighter than the current model. Sony has put a PDF of a new safety manual online on its Japanese website for this revision, PlayStation Universe noted. In addition to the reduced weight, a PDF of a new quick start guide shows a new foot fitted with a screw that can be tightened by hand.

According to PlayStation Universe, the new model is otherwise identical to the current one. It has the same AMD Ryzen Zen2 processor, the same amount of memory and the same hard drive. The dimensions of the new model are also the same as the current one. As a result, it is unclear how Sony was able to save 300g in the new model.

The new model is already for sale in various Japanese web shops. It will go on sale this Tuesday, according to electronics chain GEO, “although they don’t have any PS5 Digital Editions in stock at the moment,” writes PlayStation Universe.