This is how fast the iPhone SE will be 2022 (and this is what it looks like)

The current iPhone SE is already a powerhouse, but the upcoming iPhone SE 2022 looks set to get some decent upgrades to make it even faster.

Processor iPhone SE 2022: A15

According to a new report from news website Nikkei Asia, the new iPhone SE will receive the same A15 chip as the upcoming iPhone 13. That should provide a significant jump in speed.

Currently, the iPhone SE still has an A13 chip. This is also very fast, but has now been overtaken by the A14 chip that you will find in the iPhone 12. It is about 20% faster.

With a direct jump to the new A15 chip, the next-generation iPhone SE could just be 40% faster than its predecessor. That is really a noticeable difference!

5G for less

Nikkei also claims that the new iPhone SE will have support for 5G. This would make an iPhone with 5G a lot more accessible. Currently, the iPhone 12 mini is still the cheapest model with 5G support. At the time of writing, the device is cheapest at Belsimpel, where the iPhone 12 mini costs € 666. That is more than two hundred euros more than you pay for the iPhone SE.

It is also expected that there will be no more mini-model in 2022, which will widen the price gap between the SE and the latest iPhones of 2022 (possibly called the iPhone 14) by another € 100. Then it is extra nice that you will no longer have to pay that additional price for 5G support!

Appearance as expected

If we are to believe Nikkei’s reports, the iPhone SE 2022 will otherwise be virtually unchanged on the outside from the current model. That means an old-fashioned home button, a 4.7-inch LCD screen (no OLED) and the same rounded edges.

iPhone SE 2022: when?

According to Nikkei, we can expect the new iPhone SE in the first half of 2022, after the iPhone 13 launches in September this year. The 2020 model of the SE came out in April, the original 2016 model in March, so we can expect it sometime around those months. So just a little patience!

Source: Nikkei Asia