Sony raises PlayStation 5 suggested retail prices

Sony has increased the suggested retail prices for the PlayStation 5. Instead of 400 and 500 euros, the two variants of the console now cost 450 and 550 euros. The console is still poorly available almost two years after its release.

Sony says that the price increase is necessary due to increased costs as a result of high inflation. The manufacturer calls it a ‘difficult decision’. The price increase applies in Europe, Asia, South America and Canada, but not in the United States. Sony does not say why the manufacturer spares the American market.

The price of the version without disc tray is 450 euros, the suggested retail price for the version that does have space for discs is 550 euros. That is an increase of 50 euros, about 10 percent of the original price. That’s in line with inflation since the console’s release, which also comes in around that percentage.

The console has been poorly available since its release in the fall of 2020 and the PS5 is still not easy to buy in stores. The Pricewatch shows that the console has rarely been available for under 800 euros.

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