Rumor: Sonos is working on a home speaker with Bluetooth audio

Sonos is reportedly working on a home speaker with the ability to stream music via Bluetooth. Until now, this was only possible with portable speakers from the manufacturer. The ‘Optimo 2’ could also receive audio via USB-C.

In addition to Bluetooth and USB-C, the Optimo 2 can also receive audio over WiFi, like any Sonos speaker, reports The Verge. It is a speaker that has drivers in all kinds of directions, including upwards. That makes it suitable for Dolby Atmos audio, according to the site. Sonos would like to position it as the best sounding Sonos speaker yet. In terms of size, it would be comparable to the existing Sonos Five and Play: 5.

The Optimo 2 would adapt its sound to the room by capturing sound through the microphones. Those microphones would also be used for voice control. In addition to the Optimo 2, the manufacturer is also working on the Optimo 1 and 1 SL, according to The Verge. The SL is a variant without microphones; other differences are unclear.

The speakers would be accompanied by a major update for the Sonos platform, but exactly how that works is unclear. The Verge has heard the information from internal sources and the company has not responded to inquiries from the site.

Render Sonos Optimo 2. Source: The Verge