Sony postpones PlayStation 5 exclusive sci-fi shooter Returnal to April 30

Sony and developer Housemarque have postponed the sci-fi shooter Returnal to April 30. With the extra time, the developer wants to polish the game to “a level that can be expected from Housemarque.” The game was initially set to release on March 19 for PS5.

Sony indicates in the Twitter message No further details about the postponement. Returnal was announced in June, in December the developer indicated that the game could be released on March 19. At the time, the developer did say that Returnal is “the studio’s most ambitious project to date.” The developer has mainly made arcade-style games in the past.

Returnal is a third-person sci-fi shooter in which the player takes on the role of Selene. Selene is a space explorer and crashes alone on a planet full of hostile creatures. The game is roguelike; when the player dies the game starts again upon crashing on the planet. When respawning, the game world changes and the planet Selene seems to take over little by little and adjust memories for example. The aim of the game is to break this cycle of dying and respawning. Players get a weapon with different shooting modes, and the Finnish developer cites platforming elements as a big part of the game.