Telegram lets users import chats from WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk

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Telegram users can import chats and group conversations in WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk to Telegram with the latest app update. The imported conversations appear as new messages in the conversation, but keep their original timestamps.

The new feature allows users who switch to Telegram to take their messages “and reminders” with them, the chat developer writes. WhatsApp users must indicate in the WhatsApp app that they want to export the conversation to another app, in which they can choose Telegram in the next menu. This opens the Telegram app and users can choose in which conversation the messages should appear. This concerns text messages as well as images and other media that move with the import function. All participants in a group conversation can see the imported messages.

The import feature is included in the updated version of both the Android and iOS apps. In addition to the import feature, the new version allows users to delete entire chats and group conversations, as well as phone conversation history. Users can choose to also delete the chats, group conversations and phone call notifications from the counterparty, as was already possible with individual messages.

The update also gives users better insight into which group conversations phone calls are active. During such a group call, the group admin can also increase or decrease the call volume of individual participants. These volume changes apply to all participants. Finally, the update gives users more options with the music player, adds a sticker and animations and lets users report fake group conversations that claim to be celebrities or companies.

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