Sonos speakers can start relaying audio notifications from other devices

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Sonos is introducing a feature that allows third-party devices, such as smart doorbells, to transmit audio notifications through the manufacturer’s speakers. The function is separate from the integration with digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Developers of internet-of-things devices can take advantage of the functionality through new APIs, Sonos says. Those APIs will go live in September, although it is unknown which companies will develop functions. Sonos says it is in talks with Samsung about smarthome platform SmartThings and IFTTT is on board.

Users can turn the audio notifications on and off themselves, to prevent the speakers from interrupting music every time to play a notification. In addition to the api for notifications, other services can also start using Sonos playlists and third-party apps can check the line-in.

In addition to the new APIs, Sonos is also announcing the Amp, a hub to connect analog speakers and give them all the functions of Sonos speakers. The Amp, which succeeds the Connect:Amp, can handle up to four 125W speakers and includes Apple AirPlay 2 for streaming. The Amp also has an Ethernet port to provide the hub with a wired connection. The hub will go on sale in February for 699 euros.

Sonos Amp (center)

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