Casio presents smartwatch with OLED screen and LCD

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Manufacturer Casio has presented a smartwatch with an OLED screen and LCD for the first time. The two previous generations of the outdoor-focused watch have two LCDs. The monochrome LCD is for extending the battery life.

On the monochrome LCD, users of the Casio WSD-F30 can now read data from the sensors, such as that of the altimeter, in addition to the time. This is evident from the Casio product page. The primary display is a 1.2″ OLED screen with a resolution of 390×390 pixels. If users turn off bluetooth and Wi-Fi and use the Extend mode, the battery life is three days. With normal use that is 1.5 days. Without the color screen and with Wear OS turned off, the battery lasts for a month, while Casio keeps the battery capacity under wraps.

The watch measures 60.5 × 53.8 × 14.9 mm and weighs 83 grams. Users can also use it as a regular smartwatch with Wear OS from Google. Casio keeps other specifications such as processor used, amount of memory and storage to itself. The watch will be released at the end of January next year for $549. A price in euros is not yet known.

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