Sonos announces Sub Mini to boost bass from speaker setup

After rumors and leaked product images, the Sonos Sub Mini is now official. The company is announcing the Sub Mini for release on October 6. The small subwoofer is intended to be used in combination with existing speakers from Sonos.

The Sonos Sub Mini is a smaller version from the brand’s other subwoofer and can be paired with other Sonos speakers to give the sound a more powerful bass. According to the company, this applies to listening to music as well as other multimedia, such as movies. It turns out to be the Sonos speaker that previously leaked images of.

The Sub Mini can be connected to most existing speakers and soundbars from Sonos. On its website, the manufacturer a list published with all devices with which the Sub Mini can be used. Only portable devices such as the Move and the Roam cannot be paired with the Sub Mini.

The Sub Mini only needs to be connected with a power cable. Linking the subwoofer to other speakers is done in the app via WiFi, as we are used to from Sonos. The Sonos speakers can adapt to the Sub Mini and focus more on the mid and high tones. The Sub Mini takes care of the lower bass tones.

The Sub Mini will be available in the Benelux from 6 October. It costs 500 euros to add the subwoofer to your Sonos speaker setup.