Software Update: Zabbix 1.6.5

With the Zabbix program you can keep an eye on different parts of a network and the services offered on them. The program supports two different ways to retrieve the relevant information. For example, it can send requests from its own host to the various services and network components, which then respond to them. There is also a so-called agent that can be installed on the host to be monitored so that detailed information can be retrieved. For more information about Zabbix, please refer to this one and this one pages. The developers released version 1.6.5 a few days ago with the following patch of changes:

Japanese translation:

  • Japanese translation was improved.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • [ZBX-956] fixed js error on map link edit
  • [ZBX-955] fixed bold lines in map links
  • [ZBX-954] fixed various minor typos and formatting errors
  • [ZBX-886] removed duplicate and outdated strings from locales
  • [ZBX-952] increased max length of processed text and log data to 64KB
  • [ZBX-840] added displaying of text items in the latest data screen
  • [ZBX-850] zabbix version removed from locales
  • [ZBX-947] fixed various typos and formatting errors in changelog
  • [ZBX-945] added comment about min/max values ​​for RefreshActiveChecks param in agent config file
  • [ZBX-935] minor fixes for Thanks to Joseph Womack.
  • [ZBX-942] fixed error message for server and proxy if cannot bind a port
  • [ZBX-940] fixed bug with not initialized array variable
  • [ZBX-939] fixed IPC semaphore related issue when starting Zabbix daemons
  • [ZBX-938] fixed usage of ‘color’ in en_gb locale
  • [ZBX-937] fixed possible server crash while processing IPMI remote command
  • [ZBX-936] fixed saving flexible intervals to items linked to templates
  • [ZBX-932] fixed typo in changelog
  • [ZBX-931] fixed timeout handling for agent’s user parameters
  • [ZBX-889] fixed possible bug in media types form
  • [ZBX-927] removed default values ​​for text and blob fields in the upgrade script for compatibility with MySQL 5.0
  • [ZBX-719] fixed typo in default graph title
  • [ZBX-859] fixed typo in server log message
  • [ZBX-848] fixed typos in changelog and comments
  • [ZBX-926] fixed exporting after preview
  • [ZBX-925] fixed verification of IPv6 addresses in frontend
  • [ZBX-918, ZBX-919] fixed compilation errors for ‘unknown’ platforms
  • [ZBX-922] fixed selection proper hosts for hosts-groups assign
  • [ZBX-559] fixed wrong format of input file in help info or zabbix_sender
  • [DEV-381] added printing of SVN revision number to all binaries
  • [ZBX-914] fixed SQL error while updating configuration tables on the proxy side
  • [ZBX-910] Queue/Details screen now has “Delayed at” column
  • [ZBX-910] Queue/Details screen now displays only 500 records
  • [ZBX-910] fixed incorrect values ​​for proxy items in the Queue in case of time difference between server and the proxy
  • [ZBX-885] removed unused test code from Zabbix agent
  • [ZBX-887] fixed typo in “Not accessible resources”
  • [DEV-329] fixed server crash if PostgreSQL transaction fails
  • [ZBX-902] fixed wrongly updated operation in action in several circumstances
  • [ZBX-779] removed PostgreSQL warning message “nonstandard use of …”
  • [ZBX-901] fixed possible bug on trigger creation
  • [ZBX-900] fixed adding several user to group with Oracle DB
  • [ZBX-894] fixed processing of {HOSTNAME} for trigger name if the trigger expression consists of several items
  • [ZBX-894] fixed processing of {ITEM.NAME},{HOSTNAME},{IPADDRESS} and {TRIGGER.KEY} for alerts if the trigger expression consists of several items
  • [ZBX-897] fixed user groups rights adding for host groups
  • [ZBX-896] improved performance or processing of IT services. Added database index
  • [DEV-137] fixed incorrect comment for TrapperTimeout option in zabbix_server.conf
  • [ZBX-894] fixed processing of {ITEM.LASTVALUE} for alerts if the trigger expression consists of several items
  • [ZBX-893] fixed error creating trigger when in Host dropdown selected All
  • [ZBX-888] more supported GSM modems (ignoring AT+CMEE command)
  • [ZBX-884] fixed sudden stop of Jabber notifications
  • [ZBX-884] added subject field for Jabber notifications
  • [ZBX-460] fixed processing `distclean’ target of `Makefile’ for zabbix_proxy
  • [ZBX-882] fixed template linkage form
  • [ZBX-879] fixed maximum 30 issues shown in Dashboard system status
  • [ZBX-876] removed unused files
  • [ZBX-872] fixed group selected in another section of Hosts affects shown proxy members, and proxies shown in Items host dropdown
  • [ZBX-874] fixed evaluation of items nextcheck for flexible intervals
  • [ZBX-868] fixed incorrect processing of not supported internal checks
  • [ZBX-867] added php sockets check to installation wizard
  • [ZBX-865] fixed displaying templates without groups in template linkage page
  • [ZBX-857] changed queue details timestamp to timestamp defined in locale file
  • [ZBX-864] fixed problem when saving screen item without selected item
  • [ZBX-856] fixed email sending if tcp packets from smtp server are segmented
  • [ZBX-855] fixed processing of eventlogs timestamps on server side
  • [ZBX-851] changed sorting of users to alias in popup
  • [ZBX-849] fixed permissions problem for users in dashboard
  • [ZBX-797] fixed possible manual deletion of web items
  • [ZBX-847] fixed error in “Status of ZABBIX” when server is not running
  • [ZBX-846] fixed node names instead of group names

Version number 1.6.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Zabbix
File size 7.86MB
License type GPL