Software Update: WinPatrol 30.0.2014

BillP Studios has released version 30.0.2014 of WinPatrol. In this program, ‘Scotty, the Windows watchdog’ keeps an eye on the system, making it work faster and more stable. WinPatrol detects and stops spy, ad and malware attacks, viruses and malicious Internet Explorer add-ons, while also preventing home page hijacks. A few other things are also monitored, including the processes running on the PC, the hosts file, file extensions, and whether a program or process is added to the start-up list.

In addition to the free version, there is also a paid one Plus variant, which provides access to a database with extensive information about programs and processes, which states, for example, whether they are safe or malicious. New in version 30 includes improvements to cookie management and delays in program launches. The release notes for this release are as follows:

Best Performance Yet
While the time has come to improve the look of WinPatrol it was still more important to optimize portions of the WinPatrol real-time monitor. It’s clear that many older machines are still providing a service even if they have a single core CPU and minimal memory. Our first version of WinPatrol 2014 isn’t a beta edition. It’s being released now to take advantage of many new enhancements but it’s still a “Preview” of what’s to come. Many common system checks that we previously read from the Windows registry are now stored in WinPatrol’s local memory and updated only if needed. This not only saves CPU cycles but it also saves our disc access. Other programs may rely on third-party software libraries but we still maintain complete control over every instruction executed by WinPatrol to detect changes. Users with programs like Process Explorer will see the improvement immediately.

The WinPatrol report and Hijack report have also been updated to be more useful. Since internally Windows 7 and Windows 8 are still considered Windows version 6 we’ve made sure to do the proper conversion letting reports accurately provide version numbers for both Windows and Internet explorer.

New Cookie Support
Unlike many programs WinPatrol has never relied on 3rd party program libraries for popular features. The code in the two main WinPatrol components uses the “C” programming language and has been written at a Windows API level by WinPatrol’s developer, Bill Pytlovany. One exception is a DLL called SQLite3.dll which is used to access files which are part of the SQLite database. Both Firefox and Chrome use the open source, public domain SQLite database to store their cookies. The only way for WinPatrol to access these cookies is to use the SQLite code. In December a new version of SQLite3.dll was released and has been included with WinPatrol 2014.

The new version of SQLite should fix some cookie bugs which have been reported. We also plan on adding support for Chrome and Firefox plug-ins so having the new verion is also great incentive. If you look at the files we list under the Hidden tab you’ll notice files starting with etilqs_. These are typically temporary files that are used by a program which uses the SQLite database.

Windows Update Handling
WinPatrol notifications include information on the removal of any programs which are currently on the list of auto running files and control panel entries for installed programs. We’ve found that during normal Microsoft Windows updates these entries are replaced and are expected changes that won’t need notifications. As with previous notifications WinPatrol wants you to know when a change occurs but not overwhelm you with messages.

Restore Position and Size
WinPatrol is one of the few programs that use a tabbed interface but allow you to resize your window. Over the years based on user feedback we do provide a maximum and minimize button. In the past our maximize setting was not always saved from one session to another. This new version fixes that problem and other issues related to changes in multi-monitor configurations.

Other changes to WinPatrol 2014 are minor but very important. In our last version a typo was introduced in the text displayed by the Scotty system tray icon. Instead of letting you know Scotty was ready to pounce our typo said he was ready to bounce. While Scottie’s can certainly bounce I was pleased that so many of you reported this error. It’s a very embarrassing but I’m glad to know that folks are reading our messages. It helped us review many of our text messages to make sure they would be useful.

Delayed Start
One of the new favorite features, Delayed Start has been updated to handle some unique filename and parameter combinations which did not work as we expected. We’ve also optimized our background monitor while waiting for programs yet to be launched. The “”-express”” parameter is used when WinPatrol first launches so we can provide the quickest start time possible. We still believe computers should turn on as quickly as TVs. While computer are starting quicker it’s sad to see our new TV’s seem to be taking longer.

Version number 30.0.2014
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website BillP Studios
File size


License type Freeware/Paid