Software Update: Winamp 3 Alpha 5

gangsteroo wrote that the fifth Alpha version of Winamp 3 is out. It is not even 1MB in size, but clearly more usable than the previous test versions. Below is a short list of the improvements:

What’s New 3.0 Alpha 5 UX (03/16/01)

  • working eq?!
  • slightly smaller default skin
  • fixed-width bitmap fonts
  • logical font names for various text objects, yay for skinners
  • playlists load now
  • open/save file dialogs remember last dir opened from/saved to
  • less AVS bugs
  • even better skin switching
  • did someone say scaling?

Version number 3.00 Alpha 5
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website BetaNews