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Version 5.2 of the web browser Vivaldi has been released. Vivaldi is a web browser developed by former Opera employees. He mainly focuses on power users and users of Opera before the switch to Chromium, although this browser is also based on it. Vivaldi has extensive capabilities such as mouse gestures, tab stacking, extended keyboard shortcuts, and annotation on web pages. The browser is free and is being developed for Windows, Linux and macOS, and since version 3.4 also for Android. The release notes for this release can be found below.

Vivaldi introduces a Reading List Panel, shows statistics on blocked trackers and ads.

Manage your Reading List in Vivaldi’s sidebar, with multiple options, and sync it across various devices including Android. On the privacy front, run a convenient reality check on the number of trackers and ads being blocked from profiling you. All this and more in Vivaldi 5.2. Download now on desktops and notebooks.

Vivaldi 5.2 is here. Exactly 6 years ago, we launched the first version or Vivaldi. We started out building a browser that will adapt to your needs. And we’ve stuck to it. Over the years, we’ve created a wealth of built-in features that you won’t find in many, if any, other browsers. We thrive on giving you options, so you’re never more than a click or keyboard shortcut away from what you’re trying to accomplish. And this latest version stays true to our roots.

The Reading List Panel lets you view and manage the stories you wish to read, from the browser’s sidebar. And, now that we have included Reading List on our Android version, you can sync your Reading Lists across multiple devices.

Because your privacy is as precious to us as it is to you, we’ve added a Privacy Statistics Bar in the Start Page of the browser. It provides information on the number of trackers and ads that Vivaldi has blocked, preventing them from profiling you. Having visibility on these details will help you make informed decisions about your browsing.

For these new features and improvements, download Vivaldi 5.2, available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. In addition, our new version on androidalso launched today, includes a host of features, including a Reading List, Translate Panel, and various other improvements.

Version number 5.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Vivaldic
License type Freeware
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