Software Update: UltraEdit 2022.0

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IDM Computer Solutions has released version 2022.0 of UltraEdit. This one multifunctional text editor can handle plain ascii text, but hexadecimal files and html files are no problem either. Furthermore, the program has features such as macros, vertical block selection, syntax highlighting, a built-in ftp client and spell check in various languages. The changelog for this release looks like this:

UltraEdit 2022.0 Changes

  • Improved startup speed and performance
    • Various optimizations to startup routines
    • Startup speed reduced by up to 50%
  • File view / explorer window improvements
    • Existing file view tabs split out into separate dockable windows
      • file explorer
      • Project
      • File lists (favorites, recents, etc.)
      • Open files
    • New ribbon / menu toggles and key mappings for new windows
  • Command palette enhancements
    • Command palette now fully resizable
    • More responsive and cleaner user interface
  • Macro improvements
    • Greatly improved macro playback speed
    • Reduced screen updates to improve performance
    • Comment support (use # to create a comment line ignored by macro parser)
    • GetValue supports 64-bit integers
    • SaveAs now uses default save directory in all cases
    • Addressed issue with duplicated key mappings
    • Addressed focus issue with GetValue prompt
  • Column mode enhancements
    • Improved performance for column editing in large files
    • New option for “Insert/Fill Column” to ignore last line if empty
  • Find String List (List lines containing string) improvements
    • Greatly improved performance, especially in large files
    • New option to automatically refresh results
    • Double-clicking result highlights match in file
    • Added F5 keyboard shortcut to refresh results
  • Favorite files improvements
    • Redesigned interface to show columns
    • Sort favorite files by name or path
    • Addressed issue with “+All open files” button
  • User tool improvements
    • Tool output now displayed in real time
    • Run tools on remote (FTP) files
    • Tool runtime input via %modify% now uses active clipboard
    • Addressed issue with shifting key mappings when adding or removing tools
    • Tool tooltips in ribbon now display name
    • Improved scaling for custom tool icons in toolbar
  • Perl regular expression improvements
    • Perl regexp searches now case sensitive
    • Dot (.) no longer matches new line
    • Added support for Perl regexp DEFINE feature
    • Improved memory handling to support more complex regexps
  • Live preview improvements
    • Greatly improved DOM navigation via double-click in browser window
    • Improved selection of text in browser window
  • Settings dialog and user interface improvements
    • Settings dialog is fully resizable – text and options flow and wrap as dialog is resized
    • INI path selectable with new “Open” button for fast access to its folder in Application Layout » Advanced
    • Improved usability of Settings search
    • Improved settings for default file open directory in File Handling » Load
    • Various UI tweaks and fixes throughout settings
  • Smarter F3 (Find Next): Manual selection in source now searches for selection instead of previous regexp
  • New option to disable automatic expansion of nodes in XML Manager
  • New option to create new file when all other files are closed
  • Themed main application area when all files are closed
  • Improved file change detection for network files
  • FTP improvements for stability and usability
  • Auto-complete display improvements for non-Latin characters
  • Improved caret positioning with proportional characters and fonts
  • Better error reporting for JSON manager
  • Ctrl Left Arrow now stops at beginning of file

Version number 2022.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website IDM Computer Solutions
License type Paid
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